Night Flying becomes LEGAL, an FAA NPRM 2020 Thank you


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Upon compliance with FAA Remote ID Proposed remote ID,
We will be able to legally fly our Planes at night! Without needing some special sanction. So long as Pilot and plane can be located. or not (sub 255g).

Please make sure to leave a comment thanking them for expanding the rules for this otherwise rare and niche part of the hobby.

I'm building my neighborhood night flyer today!
or, maybe I will just add Lights and an FPV camera to one of my smaller craft and just fly away!

(BTW - while this is great, I in no way agree with overall restrictions imposed otherwise.)

MARCH 2nd is the LAST day. 27k comments will not be enough!
Let them know what you do, how these rule will impact you, and ideas on how they can still keep intent without hamstringing the little league of the aviation industry