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lemon rx

  1. a_bibo

    Scratch built P40 with Rasterize skins

    Here is my scratch built Flite Test P40 with Rasterize skins. I added LED lights. Maiden didn’t go so well due to issues with Lemon stabilizer plus receiver. In fairness, the diversity antennas may have got wire or battery interference and may even have touch each other. The landing gear did...
  2. M

    Question on Lemon Rx options

    Guys, I've been buying the Spektrum 4 and 6 channel rx's thus far. I've got 3 more planes in process or on the build list (really want to do the sea otter) so I'm looking at other rx's. I'm looking at Lemon. I pretty much fly in parks with no one else around. No big events. I have a DX6i...