1. M

    Help! Cc3d Ibus setup, help needed

    Hello everyone, I am having an issue with outdated tech... I want to run a CC3D fc through a 10ch ibus rx (flit10, flysky's protocols) and a modded 10ch fs-i6. Link to rx here: Flit10 2.4G 10CH Micro Telemetry I had to download librepilot to be able to...
  2. JoeCosti

    LibrePilot, Flight Data Pitch and Roll Reversed

    Hi, Just got my first semi-good drone (ZMR-250) and it may be a bit out of my league ahaha. I'm on my last set of props after every flight attempt has smashed at least one off. The problem is that the drone is flipping as soon as it goes to lift off. I have tested that all my motors are spinning...