Help! Cc3d Ibus setup, help needed


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Hello everyone, I am having an issue with outdated tech... I want to run a CC3D fc through a 10ch ibus rx (flit10, flysky's protocols) and a modded 10ch fs-i6.

Link to rx here:
Flit10 2.4G 10CH Micro Telemetry

I had to download librepilot to be able to program the board. I had it "running" with my standard 10ch pwm rx (hadn't finished tuning it yet,) but I need that rx for my plane.

The rx I am using has telemetry capabilities and works well on an f722 fc and I made a soldering mistake on an f405 fc but it should work fine with it when I fix that. These are both betaflight boards so the process is a bit simpler for a newbie like me.
This being said I want to do a side by side comparison of the 3 fcs.

Inside of the librepilot setup I chose Ibus for the rx signal. The rx is plugged into the flexiport (will double check this tonight when I pull the case off, just to be sure its not the main port) but when it's powered on/plugged in the readout doesn't any show activity on librepilot and I can't make use of the tx setup wizard (no signal to identify.)

The flit10 has a 4-wire uart port that can run to a telemetry signal conversion board(?) that outputs a 3-pin jst connector. The cc3d board has a 4-pin uart/jst plug on the flexiport contacts, and f3s have 2-way signals on their some uarts so i dont think the 3-pin is needed.
But I might be getting ahead of myself since the rx isn't talking to librepilot through the cc3d.

I am especially ignorant when it comes to drones, so I'm probably missing a simple setting or step. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.