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LibrePilot, Flight Data Pitch and Roll Reversed

Hi, Just got my first semi-good drone (ZMR-250) and it may be a bit out of my league ahaha. I'm on my last set of props after every flight attempt has smashed at least one off. The problem is that the drone is flipping as soon as it goes to lift off. I have tested that all my motors are spinning in the correct direction and have re-calibrated the drone and transmitter through the set-up wizards.

And whilst looking through the other options I noticed that on the Flight Data tab with the small virtual image of my quad and horizon display the image is moving reversed to the actual movements.


Move nose of quad down horizon rises

Move nose up horizon drops

Roll quad to the right shows rolling left

Roll quad to the left shows rolling right

If anyone knows the solution to this I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi, Cranial thanks for your response, have enabled notifications now so will be updated on replies. And i will give this a go thanks. :)