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  1. P

    Liftoff simulator with graupner mz-10?

    Hi everyone, I got a Graupner mz-10 a while ago, and was hoping to be able to use it with the Liftoff simulator. I did a little googling, but it seemed like most solutions online wouldnt work for this model. Is it possible to connect this controller to my computer? If I can't do this with...
  2. P

    Need help figuring out the Liftoff flight simulator

    Hi! I recently got the Liftoff flight simulator in hopes of learning how to fly without destroying a quad (which I already did, almost immediately), and I'm interested in using my Graupner mz-10 in it, as well as my Fat Shark Attitude v4 goggles. I did a little googling, but I couldn't figure...
  3. Snarls

    FPV Freerider Recharged

    -This is not an ad I just really like this sim.- The maker of FPV Freerider just released this today: FPV Freerider Recharged. Same physics and feel as FPV Freerider, but with all new flying locations that are much more detailed and FPV friendly. I fly FPV Freerider almost everyday when I get...
  4. F

    First Home-made Quad, but it keeps flipping on takeoff

    I've checked the prop direction, Calibrated the ESC's, even set the trim to the opposite direction. Nothing seems to help :( . I'm using the Flite Test Electrohub build kit, using a standard X-configuration. I think its something wrong with the programming maybe but I'm unsure. I'm using a...