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linkage stoppers

  1. FLL-flyer

    How to connect pushrod to servo? FT Storch build

    So I'm kinda close to completion on my FT Storch wing (this is my first go at building). I'm now at the step of connecting the pushrods to the servos. My servos are the ones that came with the Power Pack B, whatever model servo that is. The build video has been great but Josh glosses over...
  2. nhk750

    Linkage stopper installation and replacement type?

    Ok, I know I should be working right now, but have another nube question. In the olden days I used to use linkeage stoppers that pivoted on the control horn and had a little plastic nut that you squished on with pliers. The FT linkage stoppers use nuts that you tighten. I tightened them all the...
  3. M

    Control horn/linkage stopper question

    For those that use them both, do you drill out the holes in the control horns so that the linkage stopper can rotate freely? Or do you just push them threw and put the nut on and tighten them down? I've done both. Seems like if you don't drill the FT provided ones out a bit they cause some...