How to connect pushrod to servo? FT Storch build


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So I'm kinda close to completion on my FT Storch wing (this is my first go at building).

I'm now at the step of connecting the pushrods to the servos. My servos are the ones that came with the Power Pack B, whatever model servo that is.
The build video has been great but Josh glosses over precisely how you get the linkage stopper on to the damn servo. (maybe he pre-assembles some of the components to save time on the video) I'm attaching a screenshot of the part of the video where he's already connected the pushrod. But BEFORE connecting the pushrod you need to get the linkage stopper on the servo arm. And in his case, it's already set up.

There's a bunch of TINY screws, washers and the stopper itself that come in the servo box. (see pic also) But the holes in the servo arm are WAY too tiny to fit the screws!

I found one video where someone in the same predicament actually drills a hole to make the screw fit. Is that standard operation?? What am I missing here? I'm surprised at the lack of content or video that covers this crucial step.



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It's common practice to have to ream out the holes in a servo arm or control horn to get the pushrods and linkage stoppers to fit.

The best way to do it is to find a drill bit of the appropriate diameter and hold it between your finger tips. Then turn it slowly by hand until it has enlarged whatever hole you want to use. Once the hole is large enough, you should be able to install your pushrods without any difficulty.

Hope this helps, best of luck!


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also note that when you tighten the linkage stopper you don't want it snug... the stopper should be able to rotate freely in the hole... use some loctite on the threads... I have used super glue also but be careful not to get it between the linkage and the stopper so it rotates easily.


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And hire midgets to assist...I found myself fumbling with the tiny pieces, how in the heck do you hold these things? lol


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Another idea too, is get one of those magnetic screw holders. When you are working with something with screws, you put the screws on the tray and the magnet holds them in place for you until you need em.

And then do like Slingshot said when you begin to work with them.


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As a result of my building flying and stripping out numerous models every year I do not fit linkage stoppers to the servo output arms. I fit my linkage stoppers on the control horns only now.

It is easier to reuse a servo in a different plane with a different setup if its output arms have not all been drilled out to suit linkage stoppers which are not always required. It is still cheaper to buy or even 3D print control horns than to buy replacement servos especially when freight is added to the mix.

Just what works for me!

Have fun!