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Linkage stopper installation and replacement type?


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Ok, I know I should be working right now, but have another nube question. In the olden days I used to use linkeage stoppers that pivoted on the control horn and had a little plastic nut that you squished on with pliers. The FT linkage stoppers use nuts that you tighten. I tightened them all the way down (being a mechanic that is what you do to nuts) and I think this is causing my linkage rods to bend when actuating the control surfaces. Should I just tighten them a little bit so the stoppers can pivot?

Also, what is a good replacement for the FT linkage stoppers? Should I get the old fashioned type at Tower Hobbies (my local hobby store) that pivot freely? Questions, questions, so many questions...


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tighten all the way ,back off a quarter turn ,then loctite them ...they do need to pivot !!!
i get linkage stoppers from hobbyking ,be aware they do a few sizes (to fit different thicknesses of pushrod )


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I built a boat a few years back and found this linkage stopper I had left over in my supplies. Fits the .047 wire perfectly. Might be a little heavier than the FT stuff, but it looks like it would work better. What do you think? I will probably go to Tower Hobbies and look around at the selection of stuff. Since I am scratch building this time and don't have the speed build kit I can use whatever works best...



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Comparison pic between the two types. Looks like mine is a little bigger, but I think it would work much better with the bigger .047 wire I would like to use.

Also, I just checked all my nuts and they were loose! Good thing I started this thread or I might have crashed again. I just finger tightened them and used CA to lock them down. Tested it out and my control rods no longer bend! How could I be so dumb...I should know better, but was just building according to the video and didn't think about the little stuff that FT doesn't mention sometimes.



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Those look awesome, the shaft isn't threaded all the way so when you tighten the nut it doesn't tighten on the servo horn? Kinda hard to tell in the picture but that's what It looks like. When you confirm I may order some of these. Thanks! Reviews say it works with .059 wire, will it work with .047 wire too?
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