lipo batteries

  1. agupt108

    Hot wire cutting and lipos

    will a 15 volt 4 cell 450 mah be enough to power a simple hot wire cutter or do i need more mah? Thank you!
  2. Aviation RC Noob Podcast

    ARCN Episode 7 - Batteries

    Episode 7 - Batteries is live. Joe and Matt talk about the impromptu 2020 Aviation RC Noob 2-man fly-in. Then they charge on to Lithium Polymer batteries. They explain what the numbers mean, how to pic the correct one for your project, how they are made, how to charge store and dispose of these...
  3. J

    Help! I am trying to find a battery

    Hello people! I have a question, it may be a stupid one but I have it. I am trying to figure out what battery i can use for the 20amp ESC and radial 2205 2300kV with the power pack f. If anyone can help or just tell me what I may need. I understand the S numbers but I simply don't know where to...
  4. Scooter The White Rabbit

    Help! Need Help to Build 1524 mm (60") Search And Rescue C-130 J-30 LRF/FPV

    I've sat here waiting to buy equipment for my two Standard size DTFB planes with an idea in my head. I want to seriously build a usable Search and Rescue aircraft with the following capabilities. 1. Large Cargo Aircraft/Heavy Lifter. a. Large Usable Cargo Bay. b. Controllable Multiple Cargo...
  5. Scooter The White Rabbit

    Help! 4 motor power?

    Okay, with the Guinea Pig you use a Y-power harness from the batteries to the ESC's. Build a C-130 that size, but it has 4 motors, thus four ESC's. So, 3 Y-power harnesses? Can it be that simple? Now, how do you get longer times in the air, and... well... a touch more oomph from the motors...
  6. T

    Tiny whoop flight times

    Hey hey, so I just got into drones and picked up a premade tiny whoop, had 4 min flight times before and now they are just crap, 1 minute or less. I read the 1s lipos have like 30 cycles so I thought my batteries were done. Just got 10 new ones and same issue, so I switched my motors, no...
  7. E

    Are my batteries at the end of their life??

    Hello, I am new to the hobby and am flying a used Blade 200QX that I traded with someone on craigslist. It flies great, but often has a weird issue. I will start flying with a fully charged 2S 7.4V LiPo battery (confirmed to be fully charged with a battery checker), and charged with a nice...