Tiny whoop flight times


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Hey hey, so I just got into drones and picked up a premade tiny whoop, had 4 min flight times before and now they are just crap, 1 minute or less. I read the 1s lipos have like 30 cycles so I thought my batteries were done. Just got 10 new ones and same issue, so I switched my motors, no improvement. So I need help, spent alot of money, flew it for maybe 2 weeks. I'm hoping its the pigtail thats worn out maybe but I have no idea, any help would be sick! Thanks :)


Another issue could be the charger that you are using. The usb chargers that come with these microchargers just don't seem to be capable of fully charging batteries. I've found that using my programmable charger makes a lot of difference. You can buy better chargers specifically made for those batteries. I've never bought one so I'll leave it to others to recommend a decent one.