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long distance

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    New Fixed Wing Design Project

    I am looking to try my hand at foam board aircraft design so I can fly it over the summer and gain some experience. I have built a few of the FliteTest aircraft in the past so have some experience in building, but have never designed one myself, and am looking for interesting project ideas...
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    How To: multi- rotor set ups & build for long flight duration/distance.

    Show Idea:How To: set ups & build for long flight duration/distance. SHOW IDEA... Tried editing headline. No go. Hello. I am a new viewer to test flight and have very quickly become an avid viewer. I am a noob to the rc world but have just bought (in the mail) my first quadcopter and am...
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    FPV Cargo plane

    I have been thinking, so there are lot's of FPV airplanes, and there are a couple of planes capable of carrying cargo, so what about combining them and making a practical airplane? The goal: To create an airplane, big or small, that includes long range FPV, a good battery and a cargo hold with...