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How To: multi- rotor set ups & build for long flight duration/distance.


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Show Idea:How To: set ups & build for long flight duration/distance.

SHOW IDEA... Tried editing headline. No go. Hello. I am a new viewer to test flight and have very quickly become an avid viewer. I am a noob to the rc world but have just bought (in the mail) my first quadcopter and am very excited to learn all I can about multirotor copters. I have thoroughly searched youtube to find someone teaching how to set up and build your quadcopter-hex-octo for long distance flight duration. Also it would be interesting to learn about building for "high performance" vs long distance/ duration set ups. Though I have found 2 guys who build and sell these kinds of multirotors (Alishanmao) for instance, but none teach on how they get it done. I just came across one guy building and trying to sell his stuff online. He was doing test after test after test and in the end, was only getting 20-30- min flights out of his hex? The builder listed above seems to easily get 1hour or MORE flight times with camera and gimble and is able to fly MILES and miles away fpv. I am very interested in learning how to do this, but the electronics- motors, props, batteries, esc, combinations seem to be endless. I am already dreaming about my first build using your "any-copter" frame and electro-hub. But I am less interested in the very popular small fpv race drones as I am in long distance and duration. I am a subscriber and I love watching your informative and easy to understand "how to" videos. Perhaps other will also take an interest in this. As I said, I could find no one on youtube teaching on how to build for long duration. Thanks much for all your hard work, God bless.
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