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  1. K

    Drone Found – Route 50 MD (Near Eastern DC)

    First, I know this may be the incorrect forum or place to put this, but please understand I am not a member here I am just trying to help out who ever lost this drone, please mods if necessary move this post to the correct forum location So straight to the point, I found a Drone this morning...
  2. G

    Lost Plane help

    I've been in the hobby for 18 months now, and I'm enjoying flying and building FT planes. My problem is I have lost one plane recently. I fly at some soccer fields when there is no one around. The fields is sourounded by bush and I have lost one of my favourite plans in the thick trees and...
  3. S


    Hello there! I live at 7000FT elevation and all my FTplanes fly like a rock... my FT bushwacked weighs 490 grams W/O battery and its brushless motor is a hexTronik DT750 Brushless Outrunner 750kv and 35amp esc i also fly with a zippy 2200mah 20c.. adding more power up here is a must but i was...
  4. Snarls

    Lost and Found

    I want to hear stories of loss and discovery. Everyone has had that one crash where a piece of the wreck goes missing. Whether it is a battery, esc, or that one favorite rudder, loosing parts at the field isn't fun. Then hours, days, or years later you unexpectedly stumble upon the missing...
  5. O

    How to know (from the plane perspective) that the signal is lost?

    [Solved] How to know (from the plane perspective) that the signal is lost? Hi everybody, this is my first post, First of all, thanks to each one that make it possible. Well, let me explain a little bit mi idea: I wanna build a "smart" (maybe no too much) system that do this: IN THE PLANE...