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low voltage

  1. B

    Power Supply and Battery Alarm?

    I just ordered a FatShark Teleporter kit. The power supply plugs into the balance port. I was wondering if there was any way for me to both power the FPV transmitter AND utilize a low voltage alarm. Can anyone help me out on this one?
  2. Techno


    I was just now doing a bench test of my FPV system and suddenly the screen and receiver turned off. I wondered why, so I checked the battery I was using at the Voltage was {8.05} UPDATE: It's actually at 8.05 volts with around 2.85v per cell, and I've decided to try and save it Now I raise the...
  3. J

    kk2 low voltage alarm

    ok so i reciently built a tricopter and planed to use this low voltage alarm but to my dissapointment i found no way of hooking it up due to buying the y harness and i was wondering if any of you know how i could hook it up either through the y harness or through the charging lead or any other...