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Power Supply and Battery Alarm?

I just ordered a FatShark Teleporter kit. The power supply plugs into the balance port. I was wondering if there was any way for me to both power the FPV transmitter AND utilize a low voltage alarm. Can anyone help me out on this one?
solder both those devices inline with your ESC plug, or elsewhere where the battery directly plugs in. my voltage beeper doesnt use balance plugs, it just has wires to solder somewhere. But it sounds like yours does cell to cell voltage. you dont *need* to necessarily use the fatshark balance connector power supply. the video transmitter (based on the fact that you "just ordered" it) will handle up to 6s lipo voltage, strait into the power pins, no step down. if your power draw isnt crazy, its an option. psh i do it on my 250 blackout, and thats crazy. i *do not* use a power filter at all on this ship. i hope my wiring descriptions werent too confusing, goodluck!
no problem! with power stuff and things that plug to the batteries, maybe its just me, but simple is good. clean and simple. What machine is this on? im curious haha