lua scripts

  1. rockyboy

    Part OpenTX Pattern Sequence Caller 1

    So how does an enterprising young pilot practice aerobatic pattern sequences when there is nobody around to remind them what comes next? Turn to the power of OpenTX! :D With this set of OpenTX LUA and WAV files installed, every time the SH switch is pulled the radio calls out the next move in...
  2. rockyboy

    OpenTX Pattern Sequence Caller Script

    Wha?? :unsure: Lemme break it down: OpenTX - the software that runs FrSky on and some other radios Pattern - a series of aerobatic maneuvers performed in a specific order for a competition Sequence Caller - an assistant who stands near the pilot and calls out the next maneuver in the sequence...
  3. RCdiy

    SxR Setup (S6R, S8R)

    The SxR (S6R & S8R) receivers provide stabilization, level, knife edge and hover flight modes. Setup instructions and tips for the SxR have been gathered from a number of different sources and put in a blog post. Check out the blog post and video.
  4. RCdiy

    OpenTX D16 Bind Options

    In RF D16 mode 16 channels are transmitted if the channel range is set to 1-16. The bind option determines if the servo pins are mapped to the first 8 channels or the second 8 channels. Further it also determines if telemetry from the receiver is turned on or off. This is useful when using two...
  5. RCdiy

    Quad Race Start Sequence – GoRace OpenTX Lua Script

    This script mimics the start sequence for quad racing. Pilots get their quads ready on the start line. They then return to their seats and get ready to race. The race official tells them to arm their quads and then after a random delay sounds a start buzzer. To use the script: The pilot...
  6. RCdiy

    OpenTX Head Speed

    I have published two new videos and documentation on setting up OpenTX to display Head Speed. Head Speed By Configuring An OpenTX RPM Sensor Head Speed Using A Lua Script...
  7. RCdiy

    Taranis Q X7 OpenTX FrSKY RPM Sensor

    I have published a new video and documentation on setting up the FrSKY RPM sensor in OpenTX. This is a precursor to the video on a lua script that calculates head speed. The script has been contributed by Attitude RC. Blog Post Video
  8. RCdiy

    OpenTX 2.2 Released Taranis Q X7 Quick Start Guide

    OpenTX 2.2 has been released! I’ve produced a blog post and video that goes over - Installing the microSD Card - Connecting the Tx & Computer - Downloading, installing & Configuring Companion - Backing Up The Tx - Downloading & Writing OpenTX To The Tx - Downloading & Copying The SD Card...
  9. RCdiy

    Taranis Q X7 NiMH Charging Kit (Aloft Hobbies)

    Aloft Hobbies has a NiMH Charging Kit for the Taranis Q X7. I’ve installed in mine and have documented the steps in a blog post and video. Check out the blog post and video. Stay Safe & Have Fun
  10. RCdiy

    GPS Distance Trip Find Return Home Lua Script This GPS script was published last year. A viewer requested that the script be updated to use an optional second GPS sensors. One on the aircraft and another in the transmitter. This allows a pilot who does cross...
  11. RCdiy

    Taranis Q X7 OpenTX Two GPS Sensors Together OpenTX allows the use of two GPS sensors. So by adding a GPS to the transmitter’s module bay one can track both the pilot’s and the model’s position. This video and post will be followed by videos and post on...