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    Lumenier Lux V2 startup issues

    Just upgraded my Naze (due to its unwillingness to connect to BF) to a Lux V2. The board powers up fine when plugging it in to my pc, and is found by BF fine. The problem is when I plug in my battery it doesnt turn on. I've checked/redid the solder joints many times. The most I get is the board...
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    RunCam Split DVR and HD Video Comparison

    I got my RunCam Split installed today so I put together a quick video comaring the DVR footage with the HD footage. Let me know what you think!! Take a look at some of the other videos I have on YouTube!! Thanks!
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    Battery Charger for Swapple

    Looks like the Flight Test Store is out of the "800mAh 3s 20c Lipo Battery" and I went to Hobby Town, when I told them what I wanted to do "Foam board airplane" they just walked away, and said they have nothing at this level. Question: With a XT60<->JST adapterer will the "LUMENIER 1000MAH 3S...
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    Torn between Lumenier QAV250 and QAV400, Can someone help?

    In the next month, I will be setting up a FPV and Camera rig. I had originally thought of building around the QAV250, but it isn't too much more to step up to the QAV400 and money isn't the real issue. My primary intent is just to have a FPV rig to fly with. I'm not a hardcore racer or stunt...
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    Goodbye Hex - Hello QAV500 and something else.

    Nothing bad happened to the Hex, I just took it apart. Let's start off with something pleasant: When I grow up, can I have big props like you? So I had a relatively large hex, a Tarot 680 with 850 KV motors and 13 inch props but all I used it for was to lift a Gopro and small Gimbal. Hexes...
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    Motor jitter at low throttle.

    Hello Gents, Has anyone come across an issue like the following before? I flashed my ESC's with BLHeli so that I could get damped light and one-shot on the standard N-Fet Lumenier ESC's but one of the motors jumps at low throttle unless you very quickly push it, then it spins up ok. Video...
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    [Build Log] QAV250 CF edition

    Hello everyone, I have long marvelled and wished for my very own mini-quad since I am normally into the much larger aerial photography platforms. Since I am the only RC flyer I know here in Switzerland I sent an email to some of my friends with links to some of the best FPV videos (charpu...
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    QAV250 mini quad motor choice

    Hi All, I'm wanting to get onto the mini-quad train and have successfully convinced 2 of my friends to join and get mini-quads as well, I cannot wait to do a FGA style race; That is actually how I convinced them to join, showed them Charpu FPV's Videos as well as FGA and jus70's videos on...