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Lumenier Lux V2 startup issues

Just upgraded my Naze (due to its unwillingness to connect to BF) to a Lux V2. The board powers up fine when plugging it in to my pc, and is found by BF fine. The problem is when I plug in my battery it doesnt turn on. I've checked/redid the solder joints many times. The most I get is the board to turn on once, I put on my frame top (FT210) and it doesnt boot. Heres the startup guide https://www.getfpv.com/media/wysiwyg/product-user-manuals/Lux-V2-Quick-Start-Guide.pdf . The manual says to connect to the ground outermost when not using pins or a different one when using pins, I've tried both. I also have my runcam soldered to vcc so I know it has voltage. One time that it booted the LEDs were dimmer than normal, so I'm going to desolder everything and resolder with new wire incase there's a small break in the line. If you guys have any idea what else to try thats be amazing, thanks!
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I just finished dinner and soldered on two new wires run to the FC from the PDB. Afterward I was devasted by it not working again, i then decided to solder the three other ESC sensor wires back on (I left one connected) and plugged it in and it has worked since. One wire was very loose inside of it's plastic coating, and the wire itself seems very low quality too. Also I forgot to mention that even when the board wouldnt start if i plugged it in I could see my battery voltage in betaflight. Anyways if there is a way to close a forum please tell me, thanks!
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