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lux v2

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    Lumenier Lux V2 startup issues

    Just upgraded my Naze (due to its unwillingness to connect to BF) to a Lux V2. The board powers up fine when plugging it in to my pc, and is found by BF fine. The problem is when I plug in my battery it doesnt turn on. I've checked/redid the solder joints many times. The most I get is the board...
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    I'm a semi-newb with outdated stuff... HELP!!!

    So I know I got into the OSD game 2 years late. I just upgraded my old graupner radio to a taranis Q x7. At the same time of swapping out receivers I am putting in my first OSD. I have a naze rev 6-------OLD! I was putting the D4R-II on -,+, and PPM/1 and the telemetry wire on pin 8 as a soft...
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    Lumenier Lux V2 Problems

    Hello! I'm here and I just upgraded my flight controller to the Lumenier Lux V2 from the Naze 32. I'm Flying a FT210 with Emax 2205 2300kv motors with lumenier 30amp BL-Heli ESC along with the Lux V2 and a Turnigy 9x radio and Rx with a ppm Encoder. My quad was flying just fine before I...