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Lumenier Lux V2 Problems

Hello! I'm here and I just upgraded my flight controller to the Lumenier Lux V2 from the Naze 32. I'm Flying a FT210 with Emax 2205 2300kv motors with lumenier 30amp BL-Heli ESC along with the Lux V2 and a Turnigy 9x radio and Rx with a ppm Encoder.

My quad was flying just fine before I upgraded and now that I upgraded, my drone Is unflyable. I take off and my throttle is very lagged out, its more noticeable with bigger throttle changes. If I punch up and then back down my throttle, my drone continues to fly up for another 1-2 seconds then drops down to where my throttle is and falls out of the sky everytime. I had no issue before, the only thing I changed was the flight controller and now I have this issue. In Beta flight under the receivers tab, while moving my throttle around, it corresponds instantly with my stick movement but does not translate when I go to fly. I'm stuck and have no clue what to do. I'm new to the hobbie and this is my first build. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Have you checked to see if there are any faulty joints with soldering that could cause any latency from your receiver to your flight controller, or flight controller to motors? I would imagine the issue is not due to the lux v2 itself but the connections made with other pieces of hardware.