micro quad

  1. jdawson

    Gremlin + Run Cam Split Micro

    Hi All: I did do a search through the forum but couldn't find a tread on this topic so I apologize if this has been covered before. If it has please just provide a link to the right thread. But I was wondering if all you gremlin wizards have tried a configuration with the run cam split...
  2. muteFPV

    3 ways to fix your props - how to secure propellers on brushed motors

    A propeller flying off the motor shaft is one of the worst things that can happen to us, micro quad flyers. Whether it is due to manufacturing error or due to mounting and removing a prop for a few times, it is a problem that needs a PROPer solution. After trying all possible fixes, including...
  3. D

    Micro racing quad

    I have seen a growing interest in the 120 size quad frames using brush less motors, but I have also noticed that there are not many reputable sources for the products. When will flitetest get involved with micro racing quad distribution/informational videos? I would love to have a store like...