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  1. 20191128_145843.jpg


    My fun little hurricane
  2. SpaceWalker1992

    backwards, upsidedown, and mirrored?

    today I maidened my FT arrow. (SPOILERS: I'm gonna have to rebuild it) and while walking out to the field, the whole time I was talking myself through how I would do a thorough pre-flight. I look at it and everything held well. this was going to be my first FPV experience, too, so add another 80...
  3. S

    My scratch built FT Arrow on 4s!! This is going to be big!

    Thank You Josh for this amazing plane! This is going to be big!! Absolutely the most fun I have had with a plane. Here we are at Cesar Chavez park Berkeley with some of the best pilots! Thanks again FT team and everyone else here!
  4. J

    FT indoor flying - newbie needs help :)

    Hi all, I finished my first build (nutball) about a month ago and had my first flight ever then. But it's a bit on the heavy side (210g). It was made from 6mm depron, since I can't get dollartree foam here. I'm now going to try and made a lighter nutball from 3mm depron, and use even lighter...