mini guinea

  1. Foamforce

    Part Mini Guinea Front Wheel Support 2023-10-13

    The front wheel on the Mini Guinea is held in place by two pieces of stirring stick. A moderately rough landing will tear those out. This part goes into the cavity where the paint sticks normally go. It increases the surface area for gluing by about 10x so that it won't tear out so easily. Also...
  2. FishbonesAir

    Nose Job

    Okay, so I've despised, hated, wanted to melt with a torch never really liked the castoring nosewheel on the FT Mini Guinea. I came up with a steerable nosewheel on my first MG, using the supplied 1.5mm wire, but found that, shall we say, inadequate for my beginner landings? The spring was an...
  3. FlamingRCAirplanes

    Is the Mini Guinea a decent airplane?

    I have two PPAs and I might have to make on. Is it a good choice? I am LOVING My Commuter. So I will have to make it swappable.
  4. DSCN6079.jpg


    Wings, body, and power pods.
  5. A

    Anchorage 2018 Earthquake Before and After

    The following video was taken just off the edge of my property. About a year ago I attached a RunCam 2 on top of my Mini Guniea and collected some reasonable footage. I was able to combine this with some footage that I took yesterday with my Turbo Gremlin that has been upgraded to a RunCam Split...
  6. C

    Float Mini Guinea

    Hello all! I know there have been some of you wishing someone built a float Mini Guinea, since it would look like a Sea Otter, and would just be awesome! Well, I have done it. Please pardon the poor look of my plane, as I crash often, and am not worried about aesthetics so long as the thing...
  7. D

    Power Pack B Twin on Mini Guinea?

    I'm new to flying and I'm building the Mini Guinea from plans. Long story short, today at my local hobby store, I bought the wrong power pack. They have a no refund policy so I doubt they will take it back. Any way I can make this work? or Am I just screwed.
  8. D

    Store Power Packs

    Went looking at the new Power Packs and looked at the Mini Guinea. The airplane is $25, the A pack for twin engine is $78 yet you are only charging $80 for the combined plane and power pack. You have priced the single engine A pack, not the double engine A pack. While I would love to get that...