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mini guinea

  1. KN4IUU

    Is the Mini Guinea a decent airplane?

    I have two PPAs and I might have to make on. Is it a good choice? I am LOVING My Commuter. So I will have to make it swappable.
  2. DSCN6079.jpg


    Wings, body, and power pods.
  3. A

    Anchorage 2018 Earthquake Before and After

    The following video was taken just off the edge of my property. About a year ago I attached a RunCam 2 on top of my Mini Guniea and collected some reasonable footage. I was able to combine this with some footage that I took yesterday with my Turbo Gremlin that has been upgraded to a RunCam Split...
  4. C

    Float Mini Guinea

    Hello all! I know there have been some of you wishing someone built a float Mini Guinea, since it would look like a Sea Otter, and would just be awesome! Well, I have done it. Please pardon the poor look of my plane, as I crash often, and am not worried about aesthetics so long as the thing...
  5. D

    Power Pack B Twin on Mini Guinea?

    I'm new to flying and I'm building the Mini Guinea from plans. Long story short, today at my local hobby store, I bought the wrong power pack. They have a no refund policy so I doubt they will take it back. Any way I can make this work? or Am I just screwed.
  6. D

    Store Power Packs

    Went looking at the new Power Packs and looked at the Mini Guinea. The airplane is $25, the A pack for twin engine is $78 yet you are only charging $80 for the combined plane and power pack. You have priced the single engine A pack, not the double engine A pack. While I would love to get that...