Anchorage 2018 Earthquake Before and After


The following video was taken just off the edge of my property. About a year ago I attached a RunCam 2 on top of my Mini Guniea and collected some reasonable footage. I was able to combine this with some footage that I took yesterday with my Turbo Gremlin that has been upgraded to a RunCam Split Mini 2.

Wishing I had more time to improve my flight skills.


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Wow! Saw this same stretch of road on some news sites. Looks like it's a mess up there. Hope everyone's ok.


Since the big quake most things have been built with earthquakes in mind. There are not any deaths and not to many injuries to my knowledge. They are currently working on it as of about 3am this morning I heard a lot of banging from that direction. Hoping to get more footage later. The first aftermath footage was a little unstead because I had my gopro strapped to the bottom of the Gremlin but didn't want to go directly over the road because there were to many people crawling through the debris. It flies but not to well.


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I was in Ketchikan in 64 and Anchorage in 65 and 4th street still a mess. Kodiak look no better. Kodiak, I had a job to fix a radar on CG buoy tender and after repair I had to wait until the tide changed to go as shore as the dock was under water.