mini old fogey

  1. Velojet

    Mini Old Fogey control surfaces deflection?

    The Mini Old Fogey comes with a single 12° deflection gauge. However, in the build video, Josh talks about gauges (plural) for high rates and low rates. So my questions are: Is 12° for high rates or low rates? And whichever it's for, what's the deflection for the other setting? Thanks!
  2. Foamforce

    Part Medium Firewall 1.0

    When I built the Mini Old Fogey, I realized that the firewall it used wasn't the standard swappable firewall and it wasn't the mighty mini firewall either. The new size also appears on the new Nutball and the new FT Flyer. I designed this one in Tinkercad, shamelessly copying the general design...
  3. R

    mini old fogey

    hello guys, we posted an new video about de mini old fogey. this plane is with swappable fuselage and is build at 55%. the wingspan is about 510mm and weights with battery about 70-75grams. it fly's nice at half throttle and fly's in an nice circle if you trim it right...