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hello guys,

we posted an new video about de mini old fogey.
this plane is with swappable fuselage and is build at 55%.
the wingspan is about 510mm and weights with battery about 70-75grams.
it fly's nice at half throttle and fly's in an nice circle if you trim it right.


we hope you like it. also look our other video's.

so i'm very happy with this plane:D. it looks funny in the air and every body can fly this thing;).

best regards

RadioControlledNL, David
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Ya, can't see the video because it's some trial version video of Android for Firefox or something and it doesn't want to load right up on this NEW Fantastic, doesn't work like anything else Windows 8.

Just when I got everything figured out they go and change everything again.
Looks good.

I went with 60% scaling on mine because it puts the cutouts almost exactly at 3mm (for 3mm depron). I'm curious about the electronics you use as well.

thank you all for your comments.
the setup I use is:
hexTronik 5gram Outrunner 2000kv.
hk 8-10 amp esc, 6gr. (this one can easly be smaller because the motor is taking only 2 amp's, but i had this one laying around so...)
2s 180mah lipo (zippy) or a 2s 300mah lipo (nano tech).
2 x 3-4gr servo's.
6ch orange dsm2 receiver without case.

I don't no the exact flytime, but it is pretty long with both lipo's.
Next time I'll put the timer on while I'm flying.
Is that a 5x3 prop on there?

I would expect fairly similar flight time to my larger Fogey with 500mAh LiPo (around 25 minutes of just lazing about).

yes I run with a 5x3 prop which gives it around 70gr of thrust.
at the shop where I bought this motor, they sad it has around 90gr thrust with a 4x2.5 prop.
but I don't believe that.

I think I have about 10 minutes with the 180mah and about 20 with the 300mah. (at slow flight and no wind)

RadioControlledNL, David
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