1. J

    FT Community App

    Hello All, I've been working on various iOS projects and while flying my quadcopter I got to thinking it would be nice to fly with others. I have an idea where the app could be used (based on if people allow there location to be used) to allow people to specify when and where they are flying...
  2. smithhayward

    Chrome for iOS8 cuts off long threads

    when I come across a post that has many replies sometimes the page just ends and I can scroll any further. Of course now that I'm looking for one that's doing it I can't, but when I do I'll post it.
  3. TehMaxwell

    Real flight Mobile Simulator - Any thoughts?

    On a recent FliteTest after hours podcast they mentioned that there was a new Real Flight simulator for mobile devices. I have played around with it a bit and as mobile simulators go it is pretty good; especially since the base version is free but with in app purchases. You start off with a...