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FT Community App

Would you use a flying community/group app?

  • Yes

    Votes: 67 95.7%
  • No

    Votes: 3 4.3%

  • Total voters
Hello All,

I've been working on various iOS projects and while flying my quadcopter I got to thinking it would be nice to fly with others. I have an idea where the app could be used (based on if people allow there location to be used) to allow people to specify when and where they are flying so that if you set a radius you will be notified if anyone is flying in your area if you want to join them. It could also be used on the fly (no pun intended :p) so you could say you are flying now if anyone wants to join you at that time.

Other idea for it could be similar to instagram, but specifically for aerial pictures from community members.

I've also thought of putting in some type of Flight Record input screen so you can track your flights in case you have to report on them later.

Any interest in the idea?
I did vote "yes" for this but should clarify that I would only use such an app if it were available for Android. I do not have any iOS devices.
I would start it off on iOS as that is my main focus, but will bring it to Android soon after. I'd like to be able to work on the idea in what I know. Knowing that there would be a want for Android, I will definitely bring it there once the beta version is created so that I have a ground level backend coded to work off of on the Android.


WOT and going nowhere
This sounds very similar to what they're trying to do with FT groups. Maybe get in contact with Flite Test? They might be interested in having you develop a similar app for FT Groups...
Thanks Julez, I sent them a contact page message as well as mentioned it in the survey when I took it.

Crash and Burn RC - When they mentioned that in the video it just added that extra umph to the idea to want to bring it to the community.

Thanks for all the feedback so quickly. Make sure to say what Mobile OS you are using so I can get an idea of who to contact for each beta.
Haha. I won't do that, but I will try to see if I can get access to validate the Registration # if you have one. That way if someone asks, you can open up the app and show them right from the app that you are registered.
Definitely. I will make sure when I add it to the App Store for iOS I say worldwide and when I get to the point of Android, I'll make sure it is as well. This shouldn't be restricted to just one part of the world.


Build another!
I'm an Android user, but I agree that its best to develop in the OS you are more comfortable in. It far more important to get one going over what phones can initially use it.

In the U.S., Apple and Android share the market pretty much 50/50 (OK, 47/47). Internationally however, it doesn't pay to ignore a 82 to 14 percent advantage Android holds.

Thanks for the information kacknor.

I've already progressed decently far in just the last few days I've been working on it. The backend coding is coming along which will allow the development of the Android version to come along faster.
Could you add some sort of "Flight log" to the app? Maybe something like the "Field notes". A preflight checklist, flight time option, batter consumption, etc? It would be very useful to have those both in the same app. :) Plus I would pay to have the FliteTest logo all over it so I think it's a good idea to present it to the flitetest crew themselves.
I guess I forgot to mention that. That was actually my original plan for an app was just a flight log app, but then when they started talking about FT Groups, it got me thinking to expand the idea. Thanks for mentioning it The Alpine Ace
The registration in combination with a flight record recorded in the app could be useful. For example, if there is a drone incident in the area that you were flying in you can use the app to prove that it wasn't your drone that caused the incident.
rdavenport764 could you elaborate on what you mean as far as the registration? Are you referring to the FAA registration? Would you just be doing your own flight log to be able to show it wasn't yours or am I thinking differently than you?

By the way everyone... Happy New Year!!