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motor mounts

  1. T

    Bronco motor mounts

    Hi I'm building the FT Bronco. I've just found that the two matching motor mounts are, in fact, different sizes. One is about 3mm taller than the other. Has anyone any ideas why? All the best to all Steve (Tedebear)
  2. kah00na

    10 Degree Motor Mounts - Mini Quad

    What do you guys think of mounting your motors with a 10 degree forward angle? I saw these on thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:282606 Since most miniquads flown via FPV are always moving forward, angling the motors forward would give you forward momentum and the horizon would...
  3. D

    CNC Motor Mounts for Quad, tricopter or other. Free shipping (lower 48 USA only)

    I designed and built these motor mounts. Shown in the photos, but not included, is the HobbyKing AX-2810Q motor. This has a standard bolt pattern for 19mm x 16mm. I can create any bolt pattern you want. They have 4 countersunk holes for the 3mm screws (included). They are designed to be...