motor problem

  1. gourabjit singha

    Help! problem with the RPM of a motor.

    Hi , I tries making a ft guinea pig. i could make the model fine but i got stuck in the electrical part. as we know t has two motors. in my case the two motors are not running in a sync. although both the motors have same kv rating but one seems to have more rpm than the other. and this...
  2. G

    Help! Motor 2 spinning faster than the rest on KK 2.1.5 board

    Hey guys, I am building my first quadcopter using the KK 2.1.5 board (the frame is similar to DJI F450, using 1000Kv motors, 2200Mah 11.1v battery), but the motor connected to the 2nd ESC slot on the KK board is spinning faster than the rest. i.e with like around 5%-10% throttle I am able to...
  3. J

    Second Hand Flyzone Select Super Cub newbie motor/esc question

    First of all- thank you to whoever helps me find my issue. I am new to flight (less than 2 months) and even newer to planes (less than 24 hours) and don't have friends local to ask for help. I shot a quick video of the issue for those of you visual people like myself...