1. KMechie

    Brass players at Flite Fest 2023?

    Would anyone be interested in playing in a small brass band a couple times during Flite Fest 2023? If there's interest from the organizers, we could practice for the first two nights on the far side of the event (where we wouldn't bother anyone), and then play by the middle seating area in the...
  2. MLGSwagPilot

    FliteTest Music: where can we find and listen to the music used in old FT videos?

    Title is self explanatory. Would be nice if they gave us acces to the old music that they do not use anymore :D
  3. P

    An anthology of RC Flights 2015.

    These scences were filmed in the french Alps. High mountain area sequences (snow) were shot at "Le Collet d'Allevard" (ski station). Music:
  4. Raptortech

    Most awesome channel trailer ever?

    I'd love to hear what you guys think!!! If you have any questions about the (freakin awesome!) aircraft featured in the (freakin awesome!) video, definitely feel free to ask!
  5. DejaD

    1mm Music Wire

    As I prepare to build my first of the swappables, I started to gather everything I would need for the build. When it came to finding the 1mm wire for the servo linkages I hit a bit of a brickwall. I figured since it was referred to as "music wire" I would try the local music stores here in...
  6. jamiedco

    Music In Videos listing

    Hello all . i am having a hard time finding music for my videos . so i was wondering if anyone has had the same problem i have also come up with a solution, lets all list the artists and songs that we use . so it will be easier to get music for our videos . this way we will not have to listen...