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Music In Videos listing

Hello all . i am having a hard time finding music for my videos . so i was wondering if anyone has had the same problem i have also come up with a solution, lets all list the artists and songs that we use . so it will be easier to get music for our videos . this way we will not have to listen threw hundreds of songs to find the one we want .

so far ive used music from the following artists
Guns and Roses but i have had issues on YouTube with there songs
Infected Mushrooms , there were no issues
Daftpunk . once again i had issues with YouTube
I use video game music or 'unpopular' artists so YouTube won't flag the video for copyright infringement. Nothing's more frustrating than getting your audio track completely removed because you used a popular song or artist.
apparently there are no issues using mixed tracks like dubstep . because there is no long section of a song for youtube to flag .
i have a video that has music by daftpunk and its ban in 245 countries. if you look at ycopters videos he links the music bello thats were im getting mine from now on.
In some cases my audio tracks are banned depending on the record industry.
In some cases there are no comments at all from Youtube.

I started to add some noise from recordings at a very low level so you barely hear it but Youtube cannot recognize the tracks from the noise.

see my latest video for example where i tone down the audio in the beginning - and then it is present for the rest of the flight