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  1. A

    What's a good plane for beginners

    I would prefer an RTF, as I know BNFs don't really save money when you're starting out and you want something cheap. Anyways, does anyone have an opinion. I would also prefer at least 4 channels, ad a budge of about 120 dollars. I also need a long flight time, AT LEAST 20 minutes. I was looking...
  2. rcwees

    Simple Cub uncontrolable on the ground

    so ive built a simple cub and i have had a sucessful hand launch when i was at a field but now im n the desert and cant land anywhere, so i made landing gear and it just spins out on the ground to the left everytime, ive tried slow takeoffs fast takeoffs and nothing. i have a c pack since i want...
  3. E

    Need help with a build, have all the parts

    I bought an FT210 a while back, I had never soldered before that and couldn't successfully solder anything more than the motors to the ESCs to the PDB. I may have shorted the VTX when I tried to power up the quad. If any one is willing to build/fix it that would be great. I can ship it...
  4. N

    Betaflight Newbie Question

    I just bought a Eachine wizard x220 and trying to connect to betaflight but not sure how to. Because every time I plug it in it says it needs driver so I try to download betaflight 3.1.0/3.0.1 and its a .hex file that I can't open. I am really confused and eager to fly. Also not sure if this is...