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Betaflight Newbie Question

I just bought a Eachine wizard x220 and trying to connect to betaflight but not sure how to. Because every time I plug it in it says it needs driver so I try to download betaflight 3.1.0/3.0.1 and its a .hex file that I can't open. I am really confused and eager to fly. Also not sure if this is because it is not connected to betaflight or what but when I plug in the receiver the quad does not connect to the transmitter. The two are bound and I have the output cable of the FC going to the ppm port.

Please Help :confused::confused:


I'm a care bear...Really?
First welcome to the forums!!!!
Second, what TX/RX combo are you using?
Third, did you install the drivers that TJ shows in his alien 5 in build?
Betaflight is not something you just download. You need to get the chrome app working and then you can run betaflight.
Like I said look at the video of TJ's last quad build and he shows how to install and download everything needed to run betaflight.
Start there and come report back to us.


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Nick, welcome to the FT Forums, and you've got some great advice up there. I just got one of these myself, and in setting it up, I did notice a lot of "gotcha's" that might affect someone new to the base/clean/beta-flight World and mini quads in general.

While the Eachine Wizard is impressive for what it comes with, particularly if you got it on a discount, I'm not sure it really can be treated like an RTF or even an ARF. I found the betaflight 3.0.1 configuration that came with it was pretty minimally setup. I'm guessing because you are having trouble arming, that's why you're trying to connect using the Betaflight configurator. What I would additionally recommend is to watch and read all the suggested links above, and really learn about betaflight and the flight controller in the wizard. If you haven't flown mini quads before, I might suggest trying a simulator first before putting this up in the air.

Definitely get a handle on all the options. Test the RC setup, make sure your mid and end-points are setup correctly. They defaulted the flight mode to angle, so you might consider what that means or change it to suit your needs.
So, I got it connected (thank you so much) and I am starting to learn everything but it still won't arm. Is there a certain stick movement or something.
When I turn the drone on in betaflight to power on the receiver. It connects to the transmitter, but doesn't do anything so I went into BF to see if it had any response to the transmitter and it didn't not sure if its a connection problem or what. (I have it set to ppm in BF and its plug into that on the receiver)


I'm a care bear...Really?
Ok lets check a few things. How is your rx connected to the control board? I suspect this might be the issue, because even if you are connected but the channels are not in the right order you should see some movement on the receiver page. Are you trying to use sbus, ppm or just a regular channel to channel connection? Some rx require you to use a jumper plug to activate sbus or ppm. As for arming your board there is two ways. First is with a switch that you have to set on the mode tab of betaflight and second is with your rudder control. throttle down rudder all the way to the right.