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new to rc aircraft

  1. DK-Design

    first multi build (V-tail)

    I have been watching a ton of flite test in the past 3 weeks... and I've been inspired by david and the gang. Before starting, I wanted to get an idea of size/scale so i broke out Photoshop & SkechUp and started playing. I didn't know where to start SOooo I copied the RotorBones pdf designs...
  2. C

    Best ultra micro fixed wing builds?

    I'm just starting to get into rc aircraft building and I really like the micro crafts mainly because I don't have a large area to fly so I was looking for some suggestions on ultra and micro aircraft builds and what the best electricals to use would be. I actually saw a plane on sonic dad I...
  3. J

    What Is The Best Trainer Plane For Around $100

    Hello i'm new to the hobby and I want to know what the best trainer is for around $100. It has to be RTF and can take a crash and still run. Also i would also like it to be small or medium sized. Thank you.
  4. FLIGHTnoob

    Questions from noobs

    I have zero experience in RC aircraft, neither in control or how the control surfaces directs the aircraft, where can I learn the dynamics of flight and can someone suggest a good trainer for someone like me who has even less experience in this awesome hobby than Joshua Scott?