first multi build (V-tail)


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I have been watching a ton of flite test in the past 3 weeks... and I've been inspired by david and the gang.

Before starting, I wanted to get an idea of size/scale so i broke out Photoshop & SkechUp and started playing.
I didn't know where to start SOooo
I copied the RotorBones pdf designs to see how i did with metal.
The sheet attached to 1/16" Aluminium
Scroll Saw
cut a slot with a Dremel, then back to the saw almost took out an eye!
I gave up on copying laser cut items!!!

Back to the drawing board...
I started creating in sketchup something I knew I could make.
here is a first draft of my v-tail.

While I'm still early in the build process is there any design that may need to be adjusted?
There are still a bunch of guides I drew in there. The text cut off is front props 9x4.5
That square will be a KK 2.1.5

I have a shipment of 1/2 in square and 1/8 & 1/16 aluminium sheet on the way. And my daughter (helper) is getting excited by the day!