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night flight

  1. FoamyDM

    Night Flying becomes LEGAL, an FAA NPRM 2020 Thank you

    Upon compliance with FAA Remote ID Proposed remote ID, https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/12/31/2019-28100/remote-identification-of-unmanned-aircraft-systems We will be able to legally fly our Planes at night! Without needing some special sanction. So long as Pilot and plane can be...
  2. Night Fest.jpg

    Night Fest.jpg

    Time Lapse of Flite Fest Night Flight
  3. N

    Scratch Vapor, Needs Electronics

    So I've been looking at the E-Flite/Parkzone Vapors. I"m really wanting one because I live in the suburbs of SoCal and our backyard is pretty small. It's starting to be summer and I'm trying to find something I can fly around on calm nights while the rest of the fam are in the pool and the...
  4. Bigshow4u

    Night Flight of my TechOne Popwing/Tek Sumo

    LEDs are frenched in so they don't rip off during landings and to keep drag to a minimum (plus it looks WAY better than just slapping them on :cool:). Video isn't the best because the camera woman didn't realize that zooming in blurs it badly. Used my Droid X2 camera for it.