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    Battery Search

    I bought a Quanum Nova from HK. It came with a 2700 20-30c Turnigy battery. This battery does not exist on the HK website at any location. It is very small for its capacity. It measures 95x34x27. There is nothing even close to this size and capacity on the site. Unfortunately the QN won't take...
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    Quanum Nova Parameters

    Does anybody have a listing of the correct parameter settings? I was in to Mission Planner and I may have unknowingly changed something. I know, if you don't know what it is don't change it. I had a case of the stupids!:o
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    Quanum Nova (Hobby King) problem

    I took my Quanum Nova out today for a maiden flight. I have been into RC planes for years. This is my first quad. So, I'm a newbie again! In manual mode everything is fine. It works beautifully. When I use stable mode everything except throttle response works as expected. When I land and push...