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Battery Search

I bought a Quanum Nova from HK. It came with a 2700 20-30c Turnigy battery. This battery does not exist on the HK website at any location. It is very small for its capacity. It measures 95x34x27. There is nothing even close to this size and capacity on the site. Unfortunately the QN won't take anything much bigger. Does anybody know where I can find a battery that will fit and have similar capacity?
Looks like a nice multirotor setup! Battery wise I would start checking on the sizes of the batteries that are reccomended on the Quanum Novas HK page. Looks like they are listing 2200 mah batteries, which would be OK just less flight time than 2700 mah batteries. Check on the sizes of the batteries listed on the Quanum page and see if there is one that looks like it will work.

The listing on HK site says "3S 2200~2700mAh LiPoly battery (must not exceed 105(L)x27(H)x40(W)mm)" unfortunately I don't have time this morning to help you search. I'm sure somebody will pick this up and give you some ideas. Where are you located in the world? There might be other options on where to purchase batteries other than Hobby King also.

Good luck and I'll be checking the thread, Curt


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You can use HobbyKing's Lipo Finder. Just input the maximum size (and other parameter if you want), and it'll show you all the available options.
You can find it here : http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/lithium_polymer_battery_configuration.asp

I just did a quick search, and it looks like the max capacity you can get in a 105x27x40 box is 2200mAh (you have to switch width and height).

Which is weird, I don't know how Quanum made a 2700mAh that small... I think they may have overestimated the real capacity of the battery..
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Exactly what I was thinking.

HK specs are well known to be occasionally sprinkled with inaccuracies. And I doubt Quanum was willing to pay for A-Spec type quality battery to go into a mass produced DJI clone.
Thanks for your replies. I am beginning to think the battery is over specd since I can't find that size battery with that capacity anywhere.


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I've been just using garden variety 2200 3S in mine and getting 6-8 minutes. I had a bunch of these around and they seem to do the trick.
No new posts since July. Has anyone gotten any good battery advice since then? I'm about to pull the trigger on a Nova, but want to know what batteries are the best dollar value in it.