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Quanum Nova Parameters

Does anybody have a listing of the correct parameter settings? I was in to Mission Planner and I may have unknowingly changed something. I know, if you don't know what it is don't change it. I had a case of the stupids!:eek:


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Flight Modes

Flight Modes in Mission Planner.JPG I know I am a little late with this but I have been having similar problems, at least with respect to the flight modes. I found that if I go into Mission Planner the mode selected by the switches is highlighted in green so I can map the switch positions to the Mission Planner flight modes. Thus I find that:

SW B SW A MP Mode MP Setting Quanum Nova Mode
0 0 4 Stabilize Manual
0 1 6 Loiter Stable (Hover)
1 1 5 Stabilize Fl Direction Locked (Simple Mode checked)
1 2 2 Alt-Hold Altitude Sensor
0 2 1 RTL One Key Rtn to Home

The mapping of the switches to the modes seems to be clear and the MP settings are the only settings that make sense to me for the desired functionality but I could still be misunderstanding something. If anyone has comments please let me know. I have attached a JPEG of the Mission Planner screen as well.

Unfortunately the quad does not go into calibrate mode when I go through the calibrate mode startup routine so I will continue to work on that but again, help or comments would be appreciated.

I hope that all of this is helpful to someone else.