1. SteveH

    New here from UK

    Hi all, Discovered Flite Test on YouTube about 2 months ago and was instantly hooked. Always thought RC planes were too expensive for something that is more than likely to crash, so was presently surprised to discover scratch building form foam board. Well a couple of weeks ago I found the...
  2. f-35lover

    Edf as second plane?

    Hello! i am a novice pilot but i want to fly edfs as a second plane.(my first plane is the simple scout) I'm thinking of the ft Viggen or a random depron edf parkjet. any suggestions or tips? I don't know if i should fly edfs because i have only been flying slow planes. Thanks
  3. PropHawk

    Help! Want to build using measurements only

    My computer died many months ago. I have no way to print plans or play War Thunder and my life has been incomplete Haha. Anyways, could someone please help me figure how to build a 2 sheet, high wing, 3-4 channel, 36"-48" span, single or twin engine plane I can gain flying experience with...
  4. F

    Dad looking to start a father son activity

    Hey everyone, I am a novice when it comes to FPV Drone. I am currently in RC Dirt oval Racing and rock crawling but my son is more interested in drone and flying. So far we have a frame and motors everything else is needed. I don't know what transmitter would be the best for a beginner in the air.
  5. RichardFS

    New To RC Hobby & Scratch Building Assistance

    Hello! I have enjoyed FT for almost two years now, but haven't really gotten into the hobby myself until recently. I built a styrofoam glider about a year ago and I have been wanting to build an actual flying RC plane using its design (the styrofoam one I have now flies great but doesn't go very...