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My computer died many months ago. I have no way to print plans or play War Thunder and my life has been incomplete Haha. Anyways, could someone please help me figure how to build a 2 sheet, high wing, 3-4 channel, 36"-48" span, single or twin engine plane I can gain flying experience with? I've built 10-15 planes in the past. I've built some using FT free plans and some of my own designs. Needless to say the FT planes all turned out better and were likely airworthy with a proper setup and good pilot. I was able to fly the Simple Storch and had a lot of fun til I let it get too low and far away then stalled it in a turn and soon as I mistakenly pushed to full throttle in a uneducated attempt to try and pull it up of course it went nose first into hard NC red clay. I loved the slow, big, easy to manage characteristics of that plane and dream of a twin or tri motor version someday just for fun... anyways

I'd like to build something similar to Flite Test's Simple Storch, Tudor, or Founders Plane. But need the plans to be simple enough to grab the measurements and draw out using yard stick, graphing paper, and a square. I've tried putting the pdf on my 32" TV and tracing but that hasn't worked out.

Any help would be appreciated. I've searched no print plans only to see posts where folks are saying things like "no printer, no plan, no plane build".

I hope this isn't too much to ask and sorry it's so much reading. I get carried away when talking RC as I enjoy the hobby alone outside of forums and social media.

Thanks for reading.


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How about public and private resources. Friends can download plans and libraries have computers. There are plenty of commercial printers out there. Where I live I found a great (cheap) non-big box place to print full size plans.

And don't forget to make posterboard templates of all the plans because you never know which ones you're gonna wanna build again or need parts for.


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Unless things have changed, most of the early plans are designed to tile. Print on standard paper with a printer and match the marks on the paper then tape together. I know most of the Sponz plans tile. Otherwise all plans have dimensions which can be used as a guide if you're determined


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go to your local community center they have the computers and printers and a loit of time you can use free


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Hi PropHawk
This is a simple single page of the FT Storch
All pcs are scale, ws 60 inches 9.25 - 9.5 inch cord. I used paint shop pro with a ruler. You can get services to crop and print in separate pcs if you want.

I work a lot with paint shops with rulers and 3 views.

Remember the d/r×t pie formula, distance = rate × time

Here's W/R×X ...mnemonic wrx
Want / Existing × Rate

Say you want to make a smaller version of the 60" storch, 44"

44/60 = 0.7333333
Decrease 3 view dimensions by 73.3333%

Here's a Hurricane 3 view, I might like to check tail stab proportions with a guide like something Josh might recommend, flight style fun flyer 40 to 50 mph not fast jet speeds

I use the proportions of models I have like comparing the eflite 60" Apprentice tail to what I'm building, 60" Savage Bobber

Props can be about 1/4 of ws, I like 12 to 14" for 60" ws

Another thing we could use help on is stab-control surface sizes compared to wing span and all proportions like wing span leading edge to elevator leading edge. Ws to elevator span. Rudder height and length to ws.

Does anyone have some rule of thumb guides, I've noticed Josh says he likes to make stabs a certain percentage larger than original stock.

Could someone provide links to threads for this purpose?


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Hey PropHawk I just watched Ed's video Experimental Airlines and remembered how much I like him

He shows a lot about ratios with sizes in this video. His wing is nice, just slip your longest arrow shaft in the wing. Mine from Walmart is 30.75" this leaves 9" both sides for 48" wing

Look up Experimental Airlines you'll love his videos, there's so many ways to do foamboard.

I just checked strength of my Spitfire wing twisting it, to imagine using same for a DH2 monoplane with arrow shafts to tail. That wing is strong. Gonna do the DH2 wing like my Spitfire wing

Spitfire wing 9.7 oz strong wood spar 44" ws

We can use ideas from all sources and build and fly.

Look for Josh Bixlers video about how he joined Chad Kapper in starting flight test


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