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  1. M

    Motros not spinning in Cleanflight - help please :)

    Motors not spinning in Cleanflight - help please :) Hi all, sorry i am new here but hoping you can help. I am attempting to build my first drone and have a battery connected to a power distribution board of which i have all my ESC's connected to and then from there i have my Naze32 flight...
  2. Maue

    Do BLhelli ESCs hafto be flashed to use oneshot

    I know you hafto flash your ESCs with BLhelli to use oneshot but my question is Do the BLhelli ESCs sold by flite test hafto be flashed to use one shot or can I use oneshot without re flashing the ESCs Everywhere I look I cannot find anyone who talks about this. They are alwase flashing...
  3. D

    450 quad, Naze32, Mode 2 (LuxFloat), OneShot, PIDs, and any feedback

    Hello all, I'm tuning my new 450 DYI setup today... here is what I have so far: 1) It is a 450 frame 2) 22-16 800Kv motors 3) 10x4.5 SF props 4) Afro 20A ESC configured with BlHelli 5) Nanze32 Full board 6) OSDoge 7) OrangeRX 433Mhz (yup, I have my HAM license) Here are my current PID...
  4. N

    BLHeli, Damped-light and emax motors

    Hello all, I am building a ZMR250 for a friend and went with ZTW spider ESC's and Emax 2204 2300 kv motors as they were 1. available, 2. cheap. I enabled damped-light and one-shot in cleanflight and it works (had to set my mincommand to 960 as it had a strange clicking wile idle) but the...