Motros not spinning in Cleanflight - help please :)


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Motors not spinning in Cleanflight - help please :)

Hi all, sorry i am new here but hoping you can help.

I am attempting to build my first drone and have a battery connected to a power distribution board of which i have all my ESC's connected to and then from there i have my Naze32 flight controller.

I have connected it all up and updated the firmware using cleanflight but when i try testing the motors (click the acknowledge button and slide the master slider up) none of my motors are spinning up.

Few things i have tried:-
- My ESC's only have 2 cables black and white, i have read that the white is the important one the black is ground, on my Naze32 there is 3 pins, i have tried connecting the white to all 3 but when it is connected to the 'V' pin instead of the '+' or '-' when i push the master slider up it beeps a second time (so i am thinking it should be in this one maybe lol)
- Changing the Oneshot option to all the different ones in the list.
- Disabling the Accelerator to lower the cpu
- Putting the master slide to max, then plugging battery in, turning it down to 0 and unplugging battery.

In the meantime i have ordered a new flight controller just in case there is something wrong with this one, but any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks all!
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Look up calibrating ESCs in CleanFlight, will probably go something like this.
Remove propellers, connect to USB/CleanFlight with bat unplugged, go to motors tab, click ok for warning button and then move the master slider to MAX. Plug in the battery and you'll here some beeping. When beeping pauses slide master to MIN and you'll here some more beeping. At this point you should be able to control the motors if this is the problem. You should look it up because there's step to lock/save in the new parameters. Good luck,


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Your Esc's should have 3 outputs on one end that go to the motor. On the other end there should be a heavy positive and negative wire that goes to positive and negative on the the power distribution board. The thin wires on that same end go to the flight controller. If you look at the picture the heavy power wires are conected to the pdb and the thin yellow black and blue for my particular esc's are the signal ground and telemetry wires that go to the flight controller.



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You don't need to arm it to run the motors up via the motors tab. You can't arm it from the CLI, in fact it cannot be armed when the CLI is open.

OP - can you post a picture of your connections to the FC?