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out of sync

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    Naze32 motors wont sync when flying | I need help really bad

    Hi everyone i have been trying to setup my naze32 for the past week. The motors spin up fine from cleanflight but when i try to use my Transmitter it the motors go all out of sync. Here is a video of my problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eb53EyioDug this is not my video but its the same...
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    Motors out of sync

    Hey guys… I have built a wooden H-Quad and this is my first build. I’m just building it to practice how to fly quads before I build/buy expensive ones. I’m using following specs: - Flip32, - SimonK 30A ESC, - 2200mAh 25c Lipo. - Props 10x4.5" 1045L/R - A2212 KV1000 Brushless Motors When I...