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Naze32 motors wont sync when flying | I need help really bad

Hi everyone i have been trying to setup my naze32 for the past week. The motors spin up fine from cleanflight but when i try to use my Transmitter it the motors go all out of sync. Here is a video of my problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eb53EyioDug this is not my video but its the same problem. I have tried every "solution" online but nothing has worked. I dont even want to fly with the accelerator but it seems to be auto leveling even though i have the accelerator disabled and airmode enabled. My ecus are calibrated and work just fine from the cleanflight GUI. I have tried flying with props and it just flipped in to the dirt didn't even leave the ground. If anyone has any suggestions why it is doing this please help me out. Thank you.

Jason of Gaming

Gravity is heartless...
Make sure your FC is facing the correct way and doesn't think that it is upside-down. I don't know the answer but I would suggest looking through every CF option you can find and make sure it is right Hope you fix it!


Eternal Student
The motors spooling up on the bench with props off is pretty normal behavior, even with auto leveling disabled. As for flipping out with the props on, check out this video: