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  1. Rasterize

    SkyFX Might Mini P40 Livery Poll

    The New Mighty Mini P40 is in the works! John has posted some pics on Facebook and Instagram and there have been many ideas for liveries for this iconic bird. I have gathered up the most requested but we still have a big list. For those of you who are waiting for its big brother, if and when it...
  2. B

    Help! P40 power pack C prop install

    Hi fam. Noob here. Just finished building my first scratch build and was ready to get the prop on and get the plane in the air when I realized I have absolutely no idea how to install the prop on this thing. Purchased the power pack c with the speed build kit. Picture of all included parts...
  3. 20200121_231243.jpg


  4. Winglet

    My new P-40

    My new P-40 occupies memory position number 50 on my Spekturm transmitter. Do I actually have 50 models ready to fly? Yes, I really do! And the vast majority of these models are FT or at least foam board designs. I know, that is borderline insane. But it is what I enjoy and have for over 50...
  5. Rasterize

    Skin Rasterize Skins for FT P40 Flying Tiger 2019-07-19

    Depicted is R.T. Smiths #77 of the American Volunteer Group aka the Flying Tigers. Skins are three 24X36 PDF's. Download button is in the upper right corner. You can print them to any size paper using the poster feature in Adobe Acrobat Reader (Downloadable free from Adobe) to tile them into...
  6. chris398mx

    Plane Mini P40 warhawk 75% V 1.1

    Scaled down P40 warhawk at 75% scale. I used an F-pack and a 3s 850mAh battery. Wing span: 31" AUW: 346 grams Picture next to a mini mustang
  7. Sir Fly

    Build Log: Building My Dad's/Uncle's Guillows P40

    Introduction This thread is dedicated to the build log of my Dad's Guillows P40. This plane has a very interesting and unique history, and I have really grown quite attached to it. I am really looking forward to completing the plane and seeing it in the air, and I hope you will too! Please...