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I have finally uploaded the plans for my Curtiss P36 - the predecessor to the P40. The design has become quite a detailed design and build, with a few loose ends that were not wrapped up in my second build. I built my second build from the plans with the clear canopy. The 'not wrapped up' is the DTFB canopy. If you go to build this and would like some assistance, or if you want me to check up on the DTFB canopy / hatch (or if you just have questions or issues with the build), please PM me and I will assist in any way that I can!

As designed, you have the options to add flaps and landing gear (although gear would really need wood blocks to be solid), and/or a clear canopy or DTFB canopy.

She flies like the real thing, although she could use just a touch of down thrust that you could add in when you mount the motor (I fly with a straight mount and the effects are very minor).

As built and painted, it weighs in at 1120g (39.7oz) AUW with landing gear (wooden blocks included) and flaps (2 additional servos) and the 2200/3S battery. Its running a 2814x1050kv motor spinning a 10x7 prop and a 2200mAh 3S. I did need to add about 28g (1oz) inside the cowl to get the CG to balance our right at the front wing spar.

I've also attached build notes that include pictures during the build.

The design and build thread can be found here --> Another MS design - the Curtiss P-36

...and the maiden flight video....
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