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paper airplane

  1. CustomRCMods

    Foam Prop-N-Slot Paper Airplane Build

    Alright guys, today I’m working on a new build, inspired by flitetest’ recent RC foam paper airplane video. Mine is more of a mini scale, and I will be powering it off of an 1806 2300kv and a 3s 1300 hopefully on a 5 inch prop. The build is underway and I can’t wait to watch it progress and...
  2. A

    Paper Airplane Challenge

    I've seen a lot of RC Paper airplane look a likes for the Dart/Delta style paper airplanes but I haven't seen seen many other paper airplanes implemented. I've been working on a design and through it would be fun to challenge the community and see what others come up with. Rules: Build a...
  3. Dr. Looping Looie

    FTFC19 RC Paper Airplane Chellenge

    So I made a little challange: Paper airplanes usually fly pretty good, so lets scale them up and put electronics in and see how it goes! To take part, simply make a threat in the user generated challenges topic that is titled: "FTFC19 PAC by (username)" and share your journey! And thats how it...
  4. B

    5th Grader Science Project Help

    Hello All, My daughter has chosen an aviation themed Science Project due in April. She has to determine what will fly farther, a Long Paper Airplane or a Wide Paper Airplane. We have set some ground rules that it must be made out of a regular sheet of letter sized paper and it cannot have any...